Hurricane Sandy

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We would like to address the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the operations of Vision Group. We were aware of the projected size and ferocity of the storm, and were determined to protect the property and business operations of our customers. In the 5 days prior the storm coming ashore, Vision sought and sequestered generators with cables, along with pumps, light towers, service trucks and excavators. Some of this equipment was placed in position at customer locations prior to the hurricane, while other equipment was stored at our headquarters for distribution in the immediate aftermath. We also provided sandbagging and window protection, and waited for the storm to arrive.

In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, we addressed all customer requests and provided the required generators for electrical power at the various locations. Vision Group was one of the few contractors in the Northeast that was able to fulfill all requests for generating power. We realized early on that immediate fuel shortages, combined with the scale of the fuel requirements, could render the generators useless, so we made the critical decision that in order to serve our customers, we should invest in and build a tank farm to store sufficient diesel fuel to meet all needs. This critical thinking also made it vital that we purchase our own fuel delivery truck. We considered that as a long term goal we should be able to provide fuel oil to our customers as part of our full service capability. Although this is an investment in Capital Improvements, we prefer to consider it an investment in our customer relationships.